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News Update: Foston

Posted on August 18, 2010 by Farms Not Factories

We’ve been keeping an ear to the ground around the Foston pig farm plans. Here’s the latest:

The good news. Plans to build what would become the largest pig breeding unit in the UK have received over a thousand objections from neighbours to the proposed site and other concerned individuals. This led to an extension of the consultation and further publicity for the cause.

The bad news. South Derbyshire planning department has since asked Midland Pig Producers to resubmit their application, delaying the decision and meaning new objections will need to be made at a later date. We will be in touch to build momentum again when the time is right.

Pig Business has armed the residents of Foston, Derbyshire with copies of the film, and written to the planning committee members as part of our campaign to end factory farming. Read our news release below

N.B. Pig Business opposes the plans on the grounds that factory farms of this size pose a health threat to workers and residents, and that to set a precedent of allowing such factories in the UK is a step in the wrong direction. We believe that the key to a sustainable farming future is to work with, not against nature; to strengthen the connection between people and their food; to support local, small scale, independent, high welfare, low impact farming.

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