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Regarding the decision by South Derbyshire District Council

Posted on November 4, 2011 by Farms Not Factories

We are delighted that South Derbyshire District Councillors have listened to their constituents and have voted unanimously to oppose this pig factory farm proposal. We hope that the County Council will follow their recommendation and refuse to open the floodgates to mega pig farming in the UK

Jim Davies, a local resident and member of Foston Community Forum who attended the meeting said that his reaction was that of ‘utter relief, particularly for local families who would be closely affected by the development’.

The meeting was attended by all members of the planning committee and numerous local residents. Following a lengthy appraisal by planning officer Tim Denning who wrote a report recommending that the council accept the proposal, the chairperson Lisa Brown said that a few members of the committee  wanted to speak. Amongst them was Councillor Julie Patten who came out very strongly against the development, quoting the report by Planning Consusltants DPDS commissioned by Foston Community Forum. Other councillors also stood up and spoke, one of which was Trevor Southerd who said that the proposal was ‘obnoxious’ and that there were too many unknowns. He went on to say that the development ‘was not a farm’, and that he was fundamentally opposed to it.

A third councillor came out against the development and said that it represented a threat to the capital investment of taxpayers, ie Foston Hall prison. Another stated that the locals would effectively face  a ‘Hadrian’s Wall’ around the development.

Councillor Peter Watson said that it was an agricultural and industrial development, not a farm, and that he was fundamentally opposed to it.

A motion was then proposed that the Planning Officer’s recommendations should be rejected. It passed with unanimous support. The committee agreed that they would write to the County Council to confirm that they oppose the proposal and recommend that the County Council do the same.

The planning consultant’s report was apparently crucial in the decision as it raised issues that were not previously considered. You can read the report in full report here

The Facts

  • This site is only 130 metres from a women’s prison and natal unit as well as other residential buildings.
  • Midland Pig Producers have been claiming 97% efficiency for the removal of odour and ammonia from the slurry, but verification tests showed that fine particle filtration was only 73% efficient at times. Source p.23

  • Even if claims to stop up to 80% of odour, 90% of ammonia and 90% of germs and endotoxins are accurate it means that odours of the equivalent of 5,000 pigs, and germs and endotoxins equivalent to that of 2,500 pigs would be emitted.

  • In their statement to Derbyshire County Council, the Health Protection Agency states: ‘Recent research has found that those living up to 150m downwind of an intensive farming installation could be at risk of adverse human health effects associated with exposure to multi- drug resistant organisms’. Source p.27  The prison is only 130 metres from the site.
  • The alleged sustainability of the development is based on the anaerobic digestor which requires 45,000 tonnes of waste to be driven to the site annually by HGVs, requiring 84 lorry movements per week.
  • There has been overwhelming local opposition, with over 13,000 objections.
  • GGD Nederlands, the umbrella organisation which advises and informs  over 400 Municipal Health Services in Holland, has advised that intensive farms should not be built closer than 250 metres from receptors, regardless of whether they will provide mitigating measures such as filtration and a biodigester.

Please see the newly published report by Planning Consultants DPDS who outline in detail why the application should be refused.

One Response to “Regarding the decision by South Derbyshire District Council”

  1. Christopher Newbury says:

    Together with the documents linked, especially the DPDS report on another page of, this is very helpful for those trying to understand this important application better. In my view, the planning ministers need to be persuaded to develop a principled position against all such huge pig farms.

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