Pig Business in Latvia

In production. Coming 2014.

Pig Business – Latvian subtitles

Translated resources

Local campaigns/organisations to support

Association of Latvian Organic Agriculture
The Society was founded in 1995 and is a professional organization which brings together a store of clean environment, organic farming and working in “green” lifestyle supporters.

Latvian Agricultural Cooperatives Association
LACA was established in 2002 with the overall aim to promote the development of agricultural cooperation in Latvia.

Latvian Green Movement
LaGM focuses in its work on three areas: climate issues and sustainable energy; sustainable coastal development and supporting local initiatives and campaigns for improved environmental quality.

REC ​​objective is to contribute to environmental protection by promoting research on environmental policy, information and knowledge sharing and cooperation among the main target groups: state and local government institutions, businesses, NGOs, media and society at large.

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